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Antique Doors
North Coast Recycled offers a variety of classic hard to find doors, If you are Building or renovating please take a look at our online galleries and call us today.
French Doors
Entrance Doors
Internal Doors
Barn Doors
Wardrobe Doors
Antique Hardware
We have the antique hardware, finishing tools and renovation supplies you need for your antique restoration or refinishing project and so much more.
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Hard To Find Windows
Leadlight Window
Our large product range includes sash windows, pivot windows, casement windows, available in traditional, and historic styles. We also offer some custom wooden windows for unique custom requirements.

Stained Glass windows
Casement windows
Double Hung Windows
Leadlight Windows

Building Materials
We have access to a wide variety of timber and roofing here at Northcoast Recycled Timbers. The timbers cover all structural timber framing timber and wall cladding timber feature timbers and flooring. We don’t do plywood or masonite sheeting.
Timber and Roofing
At North Coast Recycled Building materials we have Gates, Screens ,Planters and Features ready for you and if we dont have what you are looking for then we will do our very best to source it for you.
Recycled Building Materials
At North Coast Recycled Building Materials we sell antique doors and windows antique hardware and building materials. Many people who are doing restorations on older style timber homes, timber cottages and ‘Queenslander” Style houses are looking for the genuine item rather than products that have been reproduced ” we do not stock reproduction Doors and Windows”
NCRBM only do older style doors made from older solid timber, from australian cedar, hoop pine, silky oak , species specific Australian wood we also do a range of leadlight and coloured glass doors in different styles these doors are also made from solid timber. Our stock is nothing you can by from Bunnings or your local hardware store. A customer cold spend $800 on a door at a chain hardware store, the build qualtity of the timber is not the same, if you are restoring an old house or queenslander and you use a modern door from a hardwware store its going to look out of place, it just wont look right. A door that has a some age to it will really look the part and you cant reproduce that age. Put a coat of paint on an old door with an few scratches and dents it will show through but it will also show through the age of the door. Generally people are looking for a unique authentic antique door and we have a great range of them here at NCRBM in the Mullumbimby Industrial Estate. New glass has a completeley different look to older glass.. if someone was to do a reproduction of a margin light french door with coloured panels around the outside edge in a new glass with new timber it would look very different and new.. you coldnt get the authenticity from new to an original antique glass door.
North Coast Recycled Building Materials handle a high end, quality antique product range including doors, windows and antique hardware. If your looking for dors and windows that are hard to find, we probably stock them here in Mullumbimby. Many second hand building material stores are taking doors and windows that are from old up to products made in the 1990’s. At NCRBM we really only source high quality doors and windows and don’t source 1980’s and 1990’s doors or windows. We have doors and windows from the 1880’s through 1970’s. Victorian doors and windows Art Deco doors and windows right up to the late 60’s early 70’s just up to around the time the transition to the the malamine and laminates.
One of the benifits of Sourcing doors and windows from Queensland is that they have less rain than northern NSW and therefore many of the stock we source has never had any weather on the stock, for example windows we have from large verandahs from the 1880’s that have never been subject to rain dampness or mould. House in Northern NSW are built differently the eaves are smaller they built from softer cedar which unless well maintained tends to rot.
A lot of travel involved in sourcing these quality antique doors and windows , it’s a lot harder find this stock than it is to sell it we know the right sources from quality and are experts in our field. You have to know the range of species of timber know the periods ie Victorian furniture 1880’s or Art Deco furniture 1930’s, Danish Modern 1950’s,Vintage furniture 1950’s.
Our Principal, Mark van Oostrum is a builder and when he hit the big 40 he decided to move away from the heavy physical work and into the restoration field. While a couple of days a wek involve physical work the remainder of the week is taken up managing and selling stock. Mark and his team are very passionate about what they do, Mark loves working with timber, he gets a smile on his face when he sees a customer walk out the door with a rare door or window taht will take pride of place in thier new home or restoration project. the business has been operating for nearly 4 years. Many people know where we are in Mullumbimby now and we are happy to give you guidance and advice when making your purchase of our hard to find items. We can recomend builders that are experts in using second hand building materials. Many builders have never used second hand building materials have never hung an older style door or window.
We provide Cash, Credit cards, EFTPOS and bank transfer facilities for payment.
If it turns out our product dosent work for you i.e glass in the door is the wrong colour with your house interior colours etc we will not refund but we will exchange. We have 1 month grace in this area.
We are always buying and sourcing Antique doors windows and hardware. We pay cash.
NCRBM specialise in “HARD TO FIND” doors, windows, stained glass, coloured glass, and lead light windows.