Our French doors can be customised to suite your renovation, or older style wooden home

Crafstmen started making French Doors in southern France in the fifteen hundreds. French Doors were orginally designed to help with letting more  light into a home . Light was hard to come by in those days as there was no electricity, so any avenue to providing more light was highly regarded. French doors developed into works of beauty with functionality over time.Doors positioned correctly can make the most of the winter sun and help warm a cold house.

These days any home builder or renovator with a queenslander or older wooden home can make huge improvements on the look and feel of spaces with bespoke and reclaimed french doors. Our in house glazier Jasmine has the ability to custom make your glass panes, so you as the buyer have the ability to purchase a variety of styles of unique pre loved, second hand doors at a great price. the workmanship in these old doors is first rate and the timber is quality.

From Ballina though to Uki from Mullumbimby to the Gold Coast we have the range that will give you the opportunity to browse our range and find the perfect Door to suite your needs. Renovation really needs that personal touch, at North Coast Recycled we love what we do we get a real buzz out of working with old timber and providing you with a solution that will last you a lifetime. Our local Paper supports us as they like many people in the area are big on recycled building materials.There is no prefab its all hand made quality bespoke French Doors here at our Showroom in Mullumbimby. We take pride in what we do and look forward to seeing you in our showroom soon, it’s worth the drive.